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The Benefits Of Egg

The Benefits Of Egg For Face Health

The egg is a food crop livestock who has source of animal protein and the delicious taste. The egg also a food, it so near with our life, easy to digested and that have high nutritious. Because delicious taste, many of society be found of it many egg that be society to be various of food or medicinal for health.

It has eggshell, white and egg yolk, eggshell and white egg separate by anat membrane. Egg yolk also separate by albumin because presence membrane. Egg yolk, white egg pregnant high protein, white egg yolk is pitch in vitamin then white egg, especially vitamin A.
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In arrow of going time, the egg has many whims it is be caused the chicken have layen hen variousion. It is cultivationed more much variousion, both pure chicken who has selected from any variousion crosswise chicken, basically the egg layer divided in two kinds there are Ras chicken and Buras chicken egg layer.

In addition to processing vitamin, protein and the delicious taste, the egg also have a role important for health, bolt, body health, stamina or skin health.

The skin is sense organ of touch for human, at the skin be found some receptor who has the different function. The skin appear the last grafting dendrift from neuron sensory. Some receptor it composed of some dendrift.

The skin also need high vitamin and protein for humidity and skin refinement, it is can be able from egg. Because of it the writer will discuss more interior about the benefits of egg for face health.

A. The Formulation of Problems

Based on the background of problem, the process of writing the formulation of problems to this paper are as follows:
  1. What are the purposes of egg cultivation?
  2. How are methods to cultivate some kinds of egg?
  3. What are the benefits of egg for human?

The Aims of Writing

The aims of writing of this paper are as follows:
  1. To find out the purposes of egg cultivation
  2. To find out the methods to cultivate any kinds of egg
  3. To find out the benefits of egg for human
The Methods of Writing
  1. Reading some books in library.
  2. Finding out the information from internet and social mass.
  3. Taking some conclusions from explanation of topic about the benefit of egg for Health face.