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The benefit of rosella plant for healthly

The benefit of soursop leaf for human body health

Indonesia is located in a tropical area which is rich in flora and fauna diversity. Many plant are full of benefit that grow in Indonesia. One of many plants that can be used as medicine as well as food and drink is red rosella plant.

Rosella plant or which in Latin name is Hibiscus Sabdariffa is a flower species originating from African Continent, and wides pread in tropical and subtropical are, including in Indonesia. Many parts of this plant has useful to be any food, but the more popular kind of rosella which useful is it flower.

In general, many people known rosella based its colour of the flower, such as red rosella, purple rosella and white rosella. Rosella content many important essence for health, there are, water, potassium, calium, phosphorus, calcium, es sential acid, hibiscin glucoside, antioxidant compound, magnesium, iron, beta carotene, omega - 3, amino acid, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, protein, colory, catbohydrate.

Rosella plant also has many benefit to recovering several diseases, such as, lowering the cholesterol, to uric acid, lower blood sugar level (Diabetes), decrease and refuring the cronic cough, prevent the cancer, tumor, kista etc, and still many other of diseases that able to recevoring by several benefit that found in rosella plant. This plant is often processed into several product. Such as jam, syrup, medicine, tea, etc, but many people consume the rosella as a herbal tea.