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The benefit of rosella plant for human body health


The benefit of soursop leaf for human body health

A. The Content of Vitamins in Rosella Plants

Rosella is often considered as an ornamental plant for a beutiful yard. Howefer, the Kalimantan society, since a long time has been use this plant as one of each ingredient for tradicional medicine. Rosella contain many important substance for health, including water, pottasium, fibrous, essential acid, phosporus, fat, etc.

Rosella also has rich in protein and other beneficial element. Even this beautiful flower contain 18 types of amino acid, including ariginin essential which effective for rejuvenate body cell. In rosella flower also has antioxidant compound consisting of gossypetin, phenolis, anthocyanin, and hibiscin glucosid compound. If its red colour is darker, the degree of antioxydant contained inside is higher and its taste be more sour taste will be released.

Rosella which has the higher antioxydant is highly recommended as an ingredient for food. If its red colour darker its taste will be more sour and the content of anthocyanin (antioxydant) content will be higher. The anthocyanin here used to protecting cell damage due to excess absorption of ultraviolet light.

Rosella contain many nutrient and active compound, especially in the leaf and flower. This several active compound are riboflavin, protein, calcium, magnesium, pothasium, iron, as corbic acid, beta carotene, omega-3, amino acid, vitamin A, vitamin B, and vitamin C.

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Rosella sepal contain many vitamin C, so that can increas the body’s resistance to various disease. The content of vitamin C contained in rosella flower is more than other fruit. The important ingredient contained in rosella flower are gossypetin, anthocyanin, and glucide hibiscin. Furthermore, rosella flower petal also contain organic acid, polysaccharides, and flavonoid which are useful for preventing cancer, controlling blood pressure, accelerate the defedate and accelerate circulation of blood.

Rosella flower are processed into tea which naturally does not contain colories and caffeine as like traditional tea in general. Red colour of rosella flower is believed to obtained from the content of anthocyanin (polyphenol derivative compound) which are found in plant with striking colour. In addition to the above content, the benefit of rosella flower also come because of the vitamin and mineral within. In 57 gram of rosella flower, there are 123 mg of calcium, 0,89 mg of iron, 6,8 mg of vitamin c, 29 mg of phosphorus, 119 mg of potassium, 0,016 mg of vitamin B2, and little vitamin A. the high value of rosella benefit come from natural chemical 5 found in the leaf, stem, and rosella fruit. The chemical reffered to are alkaloid, phenol, tannin, flavonoid, organic acid, anthocyanin and polysaccharides.

The following are the level of nutrient and mineral in rosella :


100% gr fresh rosella fruit

100% gr fresh rosella leaf

100% gr fresh rosella petal

100% gr fresh rosella seed


49 %

43 kal

49 kal



84,5 %

85,6 %

86,2 %

7,6 %


1,9 gr

3,3 gr

1,6 gr

24,0 %


0,1 gr

0,3 gr

0,1 gr

22,3 %


12,3 gr

9,2 gr

11,1 gr



2,3 gr

1,6 gr

2,5 gr

15,3 %


1,2 gr

1,6 gr

1,0 gr

7,0 %


1,72 gr

213 mg

16,0 mg

0,3 %


57 mg

93 mg

60 mg

0,6 %


2,9 mg

4,8 mg

3,8 mg


Beta Carotene

300 ig

413 ig ig

28,5 ig


Vitamin C

14 mg

54 mg

14 mg




0,17 mg

0,04 m




0,4 mg

0,6 mg




1,2 mg

0,5 mg






0,4 %





23,8 %

Rosella seed oil has a contant similar to castor seed oil, so it can be used as a substitute for rcoude castor oil. Rosella petals, the most widely used part of food stuff, also contain a number of amino acid found in this plant, there are ariginine, cysteine, histide, isoleucine, leucine, lysine, as partic acid, glutamic, proline, etc.

The following is the fatty acid content in rosella seed :

Type of fatty acid


Myristine      acid

2,1 %

Palmanin      acid

35,2 %

Palmitoleic   acid

2 %

Stearic           acid

3,4 %

Oleic             acid

34 %

Linoleic         acid

14,4 %

 And this following is the sterol content in rosella seed oil:

 Type of Sterol


B – Sitospero

61,3 %


16,5 %


5,1 %


3,2 %


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B. The Benefit of Rosella Plants for Human Body Health

Rosella is a type of Herbaceous plant which is generally used as a seasonal hedge plant. The rosella plant which has the latin name Hibiscus Sabdarifa is one of the plant commonly used as medicine. This plant is often processed into tea that is good for health but the benefit of rosella also can be obtained in the form of food. Rosella has many health benefit, there are can help the lower body temperature, and overcome circulation of blood.

Rosella is a beautiful plant that is rich in benefit. Currently rosella plant has been processed and produced in various packaging product for beverage, food, traditional medicine and beauty product with natural ingredient. This plant are good for consumption because it has many properties that can nourish the body. This rosella plant has many benefit for human life, starting from the stem that can be a burlap sack, the leaf are used is cosmetic ingredient and the flower has many good benefit for health.

Observe according to a modern medical point of view, consume the rosella sepal regularly showed the equivalence of the result with the medicinal modern ingredient in this several following disease :

1. Prevent Cancer

The polyphenol content that many found in the Hibiscus plant has been show to have anti cancer effect. In fact, laboratory test has show that rosella flower extract in tea can suppress the growth of cancer cell in the mouth and plasma, prevent the spread of prostat cancer cell, and reduce the development of stomach cancer cell until 52 percent.

2. As a Natural Mouthwash

Rosella flower extract has the same qualify as a chlorhexidine mouthwash. Gargling by rosella flower extract can prevent the bad breath and nourish the mouth and gum.

3. Rosella for Hypertension Therapy
Hypertension or high blood pressure is a someone condition that has an increase in blood pressure above normal or chronic. Using rosella flower to reduce high blood pressure has been clinically tested in Teheran iran.

4. Rosella as an Anti-Oxidant

Antioxidant are called substances that protect the body from free redical attack. Naturally, these substance play a very large role in for human to prevent disease. Antioxidant do all that by suppressing the cellular damage that occurs due to free radical oxidation.

Rosella has known to contain phenolic compound that has function as an antioxidant as much as 23, 10 mg in every gram of dry weight of rosella petal. Amount of antioxidant contained in rosella has 4 times higher activity than cat whiskers powder.

5. Rosella Lower the Cholesterol

Rosella plant are believed able to inhibit the absorption of saturated fatty acid and reduce level of triglyceride and bad cholesterol (LDL) in the body. In other way, rosella is also useful for keeping blood sugar level stable, lowering total cholesterol level and in creasing good cholesterol (HDL) level.

6. Prevent the Risk of Obesity

Some of studres has show that the antioxidant content of polyphenol and flavonoid in rosella plant can in hibit and reduce amound of tissue buidd up in body, thereby helping to prevent obesity. In addition to the above benefit, rosella also contain antioxidant compound that can over come inflammation and reduce the risk of cancer.

7. Restrain the Interference Liver disease

Antioxidant Contained in rosella flower are belreved able to dispel free radical and neutralize toxins.

8. Prevent Bone Roften

Rosella flower also contain ingredient such as iron, potassium, and vitamin D. the special quality content is useful for preventing bone roffen.

9. Prevent the Blood Cancer (leukemia)

Rosella flower content the substance that can inhibit the growth of harmful cancer cell in the body, DNA flaw in cell can be over come with amillron benefit of rosella flower, such as prevention for blood cancer indication (leukimia).

10. Restrain the Gingivitis

Rosella flower extract is useful for inhibiting the growth of the streptococcus sanguinis bacteria, which is a bacteria that causes inflammation of the gums and forms dental plaque.

11. Rosella for Uric Acid

The highest degree of uric acid, calcium. And nutrium in blood as mechanism normally, body will decrease by removing these excess element through the kidney. By consuming the rosella, found descent in creatinine, uric acid, citrit, etc.

12. Rosella Descent the Drabetes

For diabetes mellitus sufferer, beside being able descent the diabetes, rosella sepal can cure the disease (possible due to the role of flavonoid in neutralizing free radical that cause damage to insulin-producing, beta pancreaticcell). However the condition is that rosella tea must be drained regularly and continovly as much as one to three cups in daily.

C. The Manufacture of Rosella Plant as Health Drink for Human

Rosella plant has red rosella colour and biggest measures. This plant is often processed into varrious product, such as jam, syrup, medicine and herbal tea. Rosella tea is made from a mixture of leaf, sheat, bud of rosella. Because of its sour taste, rosella tea is often called sour tea.

Health drink by rosella flower has a special quality for health caused by any compone contained in basic commodity that is rosella sepal. Several drink that able made by rosella flower there are red sorrel punc, syrup, instant rosella, and rosella punc, in Indonesia there are not many that abuse the rosella. While in other country rosella has long been used as a health drink.

Beside from being a medicine for several types of diseases, rosella plant also can be processed into food and drink, Such as :

1. Herbal tea

To obtain rosella tea, flower that has been picked, dry in the sun for 1 to 2 day to make it easien to separate the tongue of the petal from the seed, then wash by clean water and dry again during 3-5 day. Squeeze the petal, if it has become a powder mean the water degree has reached 4-5%. Pour 2 till 3 g rosella tea by boiling water until dissolves and the water change to reddish for diet, cough sufferer, or diabeth use bow-calorie sugar such as corn sugar.

In Africa, rosella is commonly used to make sweet herbal tea that are commonly sell in parthuray. Rosella tea is also quite easy to find in Italy, where this plant spread in the early 20th century as a special product of the Italian colony.

In Thailand, Rosella is also drink as a tea and also belreved to reduce a cholesterol. This condition also able made into wine, rosella usually found in herbal tea sell in market, Especially tea that are advertised as berry-flavored, because rosella can give a bright red colour to food and drink.

As for the practical way of processing rosella tea by choosing good rosella flower than wash and drain then dry in the sun till dry or oven. After drying, the rosella flower tea is ready to consume, and thank rosella flower able to endure long, rosella flower to able to save in closed bowl or spared from humidity till rosella tea remains dry and fungus-free using of rosella flower tea as a health drink by pour 2-3 rosella flower tea using borling water, also able to add by sugar and drink it warm or cold.

2. Jam

In Afrika, rosella can make into jam or jelly. It can be obtained from the fiber. Content in rosella sepal. Rosella also can uses as fruit salad eatea raw. Also able consume by pound peanut or boil as filler cake after cook by sugar. In Senegal, rosella is served as a traditional christmas drink.

The method is, rosella petal mixed with ginger and sugar slices then put on ceramics teapot. Then boiled or refused during one night. Serve by adding ice and rum. The juice taste, smell, and colour like wine.

3. Vegetable

In Andhira cursine, Connabinus Hibiscus and Rosella are called by the name gangguru which is widely used as food. Rosella leaf process by steam with the centil and consume as dal or porridge. That food also mixed by spices and made into porcchadi.

4. Medicine
Many part of plant also clain has herbal value in medicinal situation. They also using to medicinal purpose such as mexice through Africa, and also from India to spread to Thailand. Rosella related with traditional medicine and believed can treat several disease such as hypertension and urinary tract infection.

5. Rosella Syrup

Rosella syrup can make by this following Composition :
  • 250 gr rosella flower fresh
  • 1 kg
  • 2 L
All of ingredients boil until the water leave guess 1 L. Then execute refrigeration and continue with sifting. Rosella syrup ready to packed and able uses as rosella jump production.

6. Fruit Stew

Rosella flower able uses to makes rosella fruit stew. The ingredient is :
  • 100 gr rosella flower
  • 4 piece orange
  • 250 gr sugar
  • 3 Kneel clove
  • Ginger bruised
  • 1 liter water