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The Benefits Of Anredera Cordifolia For Health

The Benefits Of Anredera Cordifolia For Health

A. The Way to Cultivate the Kinds of Egg

To cultivate different kind of egg, we have to choose a location, determine the type of cage, provide a doc or laying blood, feed, vitamins and medicine so that the eggs produced or obtained will satisfy various supporting aspects in choosing a location and make it easier for breeder to run. Business optimally so that it is more likely the business will run well and grow.

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B. The Different Between Pure Chicken and Chitchat Chicken

Over time the types of laying hens that are cultivated are increasing and their productivity is getting higher, both in the form of laying hens and laying hens which are produced from the results of crossing several types of chicken.

Domestic chicken are one of products of engineering or genetic improvement, uras chicken egg are one of the most widely consumed engages products almost all over the world with a high enough protein content and beneficial for the body, egg laying productivity this chicken is much taller than other types of laying hens.

Table for comparison of the productivity of native children will pure;


Domestic Chickens

Pure Chickens

Egg production (egg/year)

200 – 250

40 – 60

Egg weight (gram)

50 – 60

30 – 40 


Almost no

There is

Production capability

Very high

Very limited

 The productivity of pure laying hens is only about 30 % of the period, the salt is also quite long for 21 days, plus the parenting period for 2-3 months, so that a lot of time is wasted if this type of chicken is tried as a commercial egg producer, despite the salty and nurturing nature children can be reduced or eliminated with several treatment, for example placing chicken in battery cage or temporarily immersing a children showing symptoms of saltiness into a bucket or container filled with clean water, but the treatment is still unable to increase the productivity of this chicken’s egg laying significantly.

Free range laying hens are various types of chicken that naturally have the ability to lay eggs with varying productivity, namely 25 – 40 %, but as production passes and demand increases, breeders finally make efforts to increase the productivity of chicken they are for, one of which is through selection or crossing, either with chickens of other types or with other domestic chickens.

C. The Benefits of Egg for Face Health

The face consist of layer of skin and on human skin there are several receptors that have different functions, there are five kinds of receptors on the skin, namely special receptors to respond to stimuli in the form of touch, pressure, pain, heat or cold.

Health is very important for humans because by feeling healthy humans will be able to do activities as usual, human health must be fulfilled by nutrients and nutritional intake.

Many figs meet the nutritional needs of body, the body’s protein needs can be fulfilled both from vegetable and animal protein, according to the average body weight of Indonesian, it is recommended to consume 15 grams of protein a day, the protein come from 6 gram of animal protein from live stock and 9 gram of animal protein from fish. The standard of animal protein, which is 25 grams every person a day, while the Indonesian people are still relatively low, only 4.3 grams every person a day.

Eggs are a source of animal protein from fat which is recommended for consumption, consuming 2 eggs a day can fulfill some of body’s protein needs.

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In additional to having many benefits and benefits for health, chicken egg are also useful for beauty care for both skin and face, part of chicken egg that are often used to treat female beauty is egg white.

Normal Facial Skin Care

Normal facial skin conditions do not mean that it can be left untreated, for normal facial skin conditions, this type of treatment is more about brightening, softening and refreshing the face, honey is one of the most appropriate natural ingredients for normal skin care, honey contains vitamin C and high antioxidant, the combination of honey and white egg is suitable for face masks for those of you who have normal skin types.

Dry Face Care

Dry facial skin conditions can be caused due to lack of oil content, dry facial skin will look dull, often itchy and does not look bright. One of natural ingredients for dealing with dry skin as a mixture of white egg is avocado, avocado fruits contains antioxidant, amino acids and essential oils that can help moisturize dry skin.

Oily Skin Care

Oily skin can make the face look dull and increase the risk of developing acne. The oil is usually around the nose. Forehead and under the cheekbones, to treat oily skin, you need ingredient that contain magnesium, vitamin C and soap, the ingredient are sometimes in white egg. Egg whites are used for facial beauty treatment, ordinary white egg are processed into masks, not only white egg, but also by adding other ingredients, such us cucumber, tomato, honey, lemon, lime, apple, banana, papaya, yogurt, avocado, garlic, almond oil and olive oil.