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A. The Content of Vitamin C in Soursop Leaf

Vitamin c is a vitamin most often used as supplement. It is because this vitamin has a sour taste and delicious as consumtion in daily day. With function is not small for body health.[1] The benefits of vitamin c keep the body endurance to infection disease with poison and reduce the cholesterol. Level of vitamin c was high in soursop leaf that is can increase the body endurance and high source of antioxidant.

Vitamin c in soursop leaf that more higher than vitamin c of nubbled lime Vitamin c used as antioxidant standard because it entered into vitamin antioxidant that can restrain the oxidation and it is the strong antioxidant and very effective. Vitamin c function to cure the injury, immunity and antioxidant.


B. The Content of Soursop Leaf as Antioxidant of Cancer Preventative

Cancer is a group of disease that was proven by growth and development the cells that not controlled and abnormal. Cancer is a killer number one in the world, the families has lost the relatives or friends caused the cancer. Abnormal cell that able to attack the all parts of human body which is flowing the blood, just hair and nail that was survivor. First factor trigger caused cancer is lifestyle was not healthy. This is characteristic a someone that is easy got cancer are :
Unhealthy consumption pattern
Lack of sport
Consume the fast food
Food of fat high[2]

In soursop leaf got the acetogenins that is collection of active compound hinder the ATP is energy source in body. The inside body is attacked easy. Because it is composed tissue and soft gland parts the human body that potencially got cancer are:

· Brain cancer

· Ovaries cancer

· Cervix cancer

· Breast cancer

· Intestine cancer

· Lymph cancer, ect

Soursop leaf included hot herb. According to Dr. Paulus Wahyudi Halim, that not feeling expect comes caused there is release of energy at acetogenins destroy the ATP in cancer cell. Because of that in consumption the herb suggest to meld among herb hot and cool in order to neutralize or disappear the side effect such as consume root of sedge grass and partake gelatin from seaweed as hot neutralization. The body endurance of cancer victim as usual is low until it’s body immunity must be increased. Example with confirm the heart function by the manner give the herb of heart tonic such as wild ginger the other that, cell amount of blood with cancer victim was less. Because of that must be gave the food ingredients there is iron example red vegetable such as red amaranth and beet.[3]

Soursop leaf is can hamper the cancer cell quickly and more effective than chemotherapy. Acetogenins contend in soursop leaf can treat and cure the medical patient contract cancer. Acetogenins function is to hampering the development the tumor cell with chemotherapy medicine. The acetogenins is also has anticancer that can decrease the ferocity which kill the cell, cell migration, cancer climbing, and until fission kills the cancer cell.

Manners process of soursop leaf are :
  • Preparing 10 pieces of soursop leaf washed
  • Boiling it with 3 glasses of a water
  • Waiting until boil and filter it before serving
  • Drinking it routine, every morning in order that benefit of soursop can be felt quickly
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C. The Benefit of Soursop Leaf for Health and Human Beauty
The Benefit of Soursop Leaf for Health

Soursop leaf has the million merits for human body, the form of it is egg circle and thick in above surface it’s cultured and colored in clorophyll leaf while in under share it has the youth colour.[4] One of it’s content is acetogenins has the characteristic that can destroyed the poison in body is hampered the ATP development. That is energy source for cancer to expended. The other benefits of soursop leaf among others are to anticancer medicine, discharge of high blood pressure, and tuberculosise. Soursop leaf able to increase the immunity body until it is difficult to attacked some diseases.[5] It’s manner used by peoples to feeling the benefit of soursop leaf is expoiting the boiled.

In addition it also contain many nutrition that is very useful for keeping heart health and other members body. Nutrition is also important role into each body of health. Without nutrition, body will be low and will not able to activity.

The nutrition content in soursop leaf are :
Helping to add the energy for body and add the body endurance.
Vitamin C
Keeping the body endurance and keep the health of system respiration which can avoid the risk of breathing infaction.
Vitamin B
It is proven can to reduce the stiff risk and heart disease.

Contain the good isoflavones to decrease the risk and contend the coronary heart disease.[6]

Always consume foods that contain nutritions for body. As for the soursop leaf boiled that can treat disease as follows :

1. Cholesterol

Cholesterol is one of the important compiler component cell membrane and required in the formation in bile and vitamin c. But, cholesterol level too high in blood can caused constriction of blood vessel until leading to heart disease. The benefit of soursop leaf for cholesterol level is reliable can lower cholesterol level in body by drinking 3-5 pieces of leaf boiled every day for a month.[7]

2. Hypertension

Hypertension is one of factor stroke risk, change the life force and pattern for eating is first control to keeping the blood pressure in lower the risk of disease complication with boil 10 pieces of soursop leaf, and add a little salt.[8]

3. Boil

Boil is defensing of body in isolate the bactery infection, parasite or other thing are not spreading into body. To treat the boil that can process by eradicating it cultured and smear it around boil. Repeat it until the boil chapped.[9]

4. Hemorrhoid

Hemorrhoid happen because widening of blood vessel and network beside it. Finally, a victim felt a sickness when siting or defecating. To treat the hemorrhoid that can by drinking the juice of soursop leaf every morning and evening.[10]

For Indonesian woman who want to have a beautiful and clean face. Soursop leaf that can be used to beauty are:

1. Help the Heal Acne

The proven manner to losting acne is by making the face mask of soursop leaf and mix with rose water. Use it that routine before sleeping for getting yield maximal.[11]

2. Fade the Black Spots

The black spots in face so disturb the woman’s activity or something be related to face. This processing manner also same with the manner above.

In addition to woman beauty, soursop leaf is also identical for health in bodies woman among others are :

1. Treat the Ovarian Cysts

The ovarian cysts is bag that has content the liquid that grown in woman’s ovarian. Cysts classified into benign that can be developed to be cancer.To prevent this danger disease, the victim can drinks the boiled of soursop leaf routine.[12]

2. Increase the Fertility

The benefit of soursop leaf to increasing the fertility is suitable for someone is planning the pregnancy. This soursop leaf be trusted to exciting a lot pregnancy and that can to expediting the menstruation for woman. If menstruation cycle is going along smoothly will be happen the pregnancy early.

3. Vagina Discharge

Vagina discharge is characteristic by the presense of whitish liquid from vagina. If caused by bactery infection liquid colour was yellowish and greenish. Infection of microorganism is also caused the itchy inside and around the vagina. Infection is can spread and bring the inflammation of urethra. Vagina discharge that can treat by blending the soursop leaf and turmeric which cut into pieces and then boil, drink the boiled three times in a day.[13]

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