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Benefit Of Artocarpus Altilis


Benefit Of Artocarpus Altilis

A. The Background of Problem

Artocarpus altilis is a plants kind of silviculture that was an annual plants of age. Which can grow well on dry soil (mainland), and It’s high about 10 m or more. The green fruit has a rough skin and ripe fruit has a Smooth Skin. The flesh of Artocarpus altilis is white color seems milk cream colour, the texture is compact and the fibrous is Smooth, It’s taste is rather Sweet and has a Specific’s aroma, Artocarpus altilis weight about 1 kg per fruit.

Artocarpus altilis can grow and cultivate on many kinds of lands from the Seaside until the land which it’s height 600 m less from Surface of Sea. Artocarpus altilis also tolerant in the low rainfail frequency or the high rainfail frequency between 80-100 inch every years in the humidity 60-80 %, however its adaptation in tropical zone is more suitable. Artocarpus altilis can grow well in hot moise of place, temperature with 15-38 oC. and also many place that was content with coral’s stone and the amount of level salinity is high that often Stagnated the water, Artocarpus altilis capable for Sprout outing and yield a harvest.

Indonesia constitute each one of place for Sprout outing the Artocarpus altilis that’s most Strategic and Suitable for proliberation. The Artocarpus altilis will growing rapidly and plorifate. Until produce a fruit all along the year and also has many nutrient’s composition of Artocarpus altilis, carbohydrate and protein. Apart from that, the fruit, Artocarpus altilis Stalk, also can used by Society.

Artocarpus altilis (isn’t kernel) the fruit also can constitute for using to foodstuff, and it’s very important for carbohydrate resource many archipelago tropical’s territory. That Superior in pacific and South east asia. Cause of it, the writer Should to research more about the Artocarpus altilis on the title the content and benefit of Artocarpus altilis for the health.

B. The Formulations of problem
  1. What is the Artocarpus Altilis composition for the health ?
  2. What is the Artocarpus Altilis composition Should you get in Artocarpus Altilis ?
  3. How is the processing Artocarpus Altilis for the health ?
  4. What is the effect of consuming the Artocarpus Altilis for the health ?
  5. What is the Special qualities Should you get in Artocarpus Altilis?
C. The Aims of Writing
  1. Helping the Society for exploiting well the Artocarpus Altilis
  2. Giving the explanation about the important of Artocarpus Altilis for the health
  3. Clarifing the nutrient’s composition in Artocarpus Altilis for the health

D. The Methods of Writing

In writing this paper, the writer use the methods these are :
  1. Looking for books which connecting in the content and benefit of Artocarpus Altilis for the health.
  2. Collecting sources of data and information from library and reading some books are connected to the writer’s title.
  3. Gathering exact summaries about the content and benefit of Artocarpus Altilis for the health.