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The Base Definition Of Artocarpus Altilis

The Base Definition Of Artocarpus Altilis

A. The Introduction of Artocarpus Altilis

Artocarpus altilis is a forest’s plant, which it’s high reaches 20 m. the wood is soft and the tree bark is coarse fibrous. All part of the plant are gummy. The leaves and stem are quite wide, with finger-like hair, and coarse hair. The stem are large, rather soft and have a lot of gum. It has many branches, their growth tends to be upward. The breadfruit is unisexual (female flowers separate), but has a house.

Artocarpus altilis is a round slightly oval, it’s skin is slightly green to yellowish, the thicknees of the smooth skin is between 1-2 mm. the young fruit has a rough skin and old fruit has a smooth skin. The young fruit has a rough skin and old fruit has a smooth skin. The flesh is white with a thickness about 7 cm. the texture is compact and has a fine fiber. It tastes a bit sweet and has a specific aroma.

The differences that exist in both of fruits such as, the occurrence of pollination’s flower and it’s assisted by the wind, meanwhile the insect formerly that often to visit the fruits have a less role in pollination’s flower. Although the pollination was happened, but the fertilization is fail it’s effect into the fruit so it’s does’nt has a seed, meanwhile in keluwih fruit (Artocarpus altilis) the process is normal and the seeds has suitable shaped as the desired shape and the skin of the fruit is stand’s soft.

With that rain be grows for you crops, olives, dates, grapes, and all kinds of fruits.[1]

B. The Characteristic and Special Quality of Artocarpus Altilis

The bread is not fussy plant, eather starting with planting and maintenance. Evenif the bread’s tree was allowed to grow as presence, Artocarpus altilis tree hard to defeat the pest and diseases that attack. And usually the failure’s harvest or things that will kill the Artocarpus altilis tree is does’nt matter.

Breadplant is considered as a companion crup for rice or rice as a staple food such as corn, cassava, sweet potato and potato. Ironically, Artocarpus altilis has not been fully glimpsed by the public. Even though, these plants have nutritional composition (carbohydrates and energy) that are not inferior to the 4 types of companion camodities. It’s nutritional content are same as the nutrition in potato which are currently favored the children and public.

Artocarpus altilis also never bordered by famine, because in the dry season (around july and august) the production is increasing.[2] Artocarpus altilis tree are not the plant of season in length until they can be harvested repeatedly. But annual plants that are up to decades years. If enable for it. This, the community does not need to do the planting continuously for getting the artocarpus altilis like other crops that are planted repeadly.

Artocarpus altilis has many benefits, eather female’s flower. The wood is soft, and the tree bark is course fibrous. All parts of the plant are watery, the leaves and stems are very broad, are considered fingerlings, and have coarse hair. The stems are rough, rather soft and has many gummy, many branches, growth tends to be upward. Artocarpus altilis is unisexual.but, it’s single housed. The flowers come out from the axillary of leaves in the point of branches and twigs. Male flowers are ontel. Meanwhile, female’s flower have the form of the short circle stemmed (babal) like jackfruit. The roots of the Artocarpus altilis have a large straight root that was interior and the Shallow of side root. Side roots can grow the bud which are often used for Seeds.

Researches from the Chemistry department, chrang mai university, tharland, surat boophony and colleagues, Succeeded in isolating nine flavone compounds from extracts in the bread’s root Chomethane, namely Cycluartocarpin, artoearpin, chaplasin from the core of Artocarpus altilis root. They also isolated notucine Compounds, Cudraflavoneb, Cycloartobiloxanthone, artonin, Cudraflavone C, and artobiloxanthone from the root bark of breadplant.[3]

Stem wood of bread also has a medicinal benefits, the thorough results of Enos tangke Arung, and Colleagues from the forest production of Departement, faculty of forestry, Mulawarman University, Samarinda, bread’s wood extract contains artocarpin compounds that Stimulate apoptosis of compounds in breast canser Cells (T470).[4]

The Superiority of the name is not only in the Stems of leaves and fruit. But the Artocarpus altilis also has Sereral advantages of Scientific names, namely Artocarpus communis forst, artocarpus incisalin, or artocarpus altrlis (Parkinson) Forsberg. And also several local designations, among others. In siam it’s known as sake, in malasyia known as bandarase as well as in English it’s called as breadfruit.

Breadplant (artocarpus altrlis) has the following Systematics :
  • Kingdom :Plantase
  • Division : Spermatophyta
  • Subdivision : Angiosperms
  • Class : Dicotyledoneao
  • Nation : Urticales
  • Family : Moraceae
  • Genus : Artocarpus
  • Species : Artocarpus altilis (Parkinson) forstberg

Artocarpus altilis have many advantages that make it easier for the public in their planting system. Artocarpus altilis can grow all types of soil Such as red and yellow podlosic soil, calcareous soils, and own land soil (Regosol), but it would be better if planted in loose, deep soluble alluvials and contains a lot of humus, quailable groundwater that is quite Shallow and has a soil pH about 5-7 and the planting of Artocarpus altilis is not very good if it planted on soils that have high Salinity (Nacl)

The breadplant will begin to bear a fruit after the age 4-7 years, Usually fruit 2 times a year, namely around January-February and July-September.

C. The Food Production of Artocarpus Altilis

The Universe give all of them to the human. Indonesia is one of tropical Country which has the fertile soil. That the various kind of plant grow fertile in Indonesia. Include the matter of Staple foods. Except the rice which is dominate the matter of staple foods in Indonesia. And many of food has a fuction as the Source of Carbohydrate. Many kind of this food are Certainly have a nutritive value that is not defeat with the nutritive value that were contents by hulled rice.

Artocarpus altilis (Artocarpus Cammunis) is one of alternative stuff food that was famous. The thon of Artocarpus altilis Could be do the various of fast food such as the ceriping, Croquette of spicy ground meat. Kind of rice flour cake, and etc. in fact any territory of Indonesia Community as sangir and talaud make into Artocarpus altilis as replacement of rice.[5]

In Indonesia the Community Caprice the Artocarpus altilis for a Consumption with any variation. Such as, it’s turned into the various food that was delicious until the preparation is not need to Steam or just fry.

The Composition’s table of Artocarpus altilis nutrient and another foods per 100 g. the matter Should be Companing’s Content of Artocarpus altilis nutrien’s (the old Artocarpus Altilis and Artocarpus altilis flour from the old Artocarpus Altilis) with the hulled rice of corn cassava, Sweet potato and potato.[6]

The Kind of Food

Energy (kal)

Protein (g)

Grease (g)

Carbohydrate (g)

The bread’s Flour from the old Bread





The old Bread





Hulled rice















Sweet Potato










From the table, we Know that the matter’s food has a nutrients Composition that is not inferior with the another’s matter of food.

Accompanying with the bases matter of it. Any Kind of Snacks with the Standar’s matter of Arfocarpus altilis could make and enjoy every time whenever you like.[7]

1. Dried Cassava of Artocarpus altilis

The method for making the dried Cassava of Artocarpus Altilis Started from Shells by Clean. Then Cut into thin Small Slires. After it, the Slices dry under Sunshine. So that drainages process of dried cassava of Artocarpus altilis Should be Completely and doesn’t Contaminate by mushroom easily (Cause of Moist). And it Should to turn back every 3 o’clock. If the drainayes process optimum. So, the dried Cassava of Artocarpus altilis Should be in yellow-whitish colour and doesn’t have a Smell along with 3 mouth in a time span for holding out. The dried cassava of Artocarpus altilis could save in a plastics package until the time that Should you used it.[8]

2. Artocarpus altilis Kind of rice Flour cake

Aromatic and Crafly Felt to Comfort the cake of Artocarpus altilis Kind of rice Flour cake and the method for making it was easy. Artocarpus altilis Kind of rice Flour cake Very Suitable for Laiding out on the table to dishes at evening, if your friend Should came.

The Matter that you need :
  • The Scraped Artocarpus altilis 500 g of Scraped Artocarpus Altilis
  • 250 g of Sugar
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 Spoon of gial.
  • Salt to taste
  • And a can of Cherry fruit.[9]
The Method for Making it
  • Put the gist into 2 Spoon of warm water
  • Mix the Scraped Artocarpus altilis with sugar, eggs, vanili, salt, and gist that solubled into the water, Knead until all ingredients are blended well.
  • Allow the batter more 1 hours in orden to expand it.
  • Preferable while the batter that allowed to expand, close the Container by soaked towel.
  • Put into the printing and vapor in the large metal vessel for 30 minutes or until the batter is done.
  • When setving it, preferable Cut it as your taste and add the slice of Cherry fruit above it.[10]
Many of healthy food that can you make by using the Artocarpus altilis as the matter. Because of it, the writer want to explain the method of manufacturing the Artocarpus altilis Kind of rice Flour cake and another cakes. The purpose just for telling with the Community that Artocarpus altilis also as the important of marler’s food and Special quality.

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