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Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas 4 KURMER

Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas 4 KURMER

Choose the correct answer by crossing (X) a, b, c or d !

1. A : How are you ?
B : .......
    A. Good bye 
    B. See you 
    C. I am fine 
    D. Thank you

2. A : ....... is your name ?
B : My name is Rita.
    A. Where 
    B. Why 
    C. What 
    D. When

3. Afdhal : .......
    Rima : you’re welcome.
    A. How are you 
    B. Thank you 
    C. Yes 
    D. Fine

4. Sorry – am – I
    The right sentence is ......
    A. Am I sorry 
    B. Sorry I am 
    C. I sorry am 
    D. I am sorry

5. There ....... a butterfly in the garden
    A. Is 
    B. Are 
    C. Am 
    D. The

6. Four times four equals........
    A. 4 
    B. 16 
    C. 40 
    D. 26

7. I see a .......... at the zoo.
    A. Clock 
    B. Snake 
    C. Chair 
    D. Hen

8. I want sleeping in the .......
    A. Dining room 
    B. Bedroom 
    C. Bathroom 
    D. Living room

9. Susan ............... baking chocolate cookies.
    A. Is 
    B. was 
    C. Are 
    D. Were

10. Ini adalah dapur saya. In English ........
    A. This is my living room 
    B. This is my kitchen 
    C.This is my bedroom
    D. This is my dining room

The text below is for number 11 – 13

In The Classroom
My name is Fahmi. I am in the classroom.
There are twenty tables and forty chairs. I bring my bag.
I bring my book. I bring a pencil case.
There are pencils, erasers, and ruler inside.
There are whiteboard and blackboard.

11. The title of the text is .......
    A. In the classroom 
    B. In my house 
    C. In the office 
    D. In the kitchen

12. There are .......... tables.
    A. Twenty 
    B. eleven 
    C. Ten 
    D. Nine

13. There are whiteboard and ..........
    A. Vase 
    B. Fan 
    C. Blackboard 
    D. Pen

14. O – O – R – D =.........
    A. Orod 
    B. Door 
    C. Doro 
    D. Odor

15. Made and Aisyah are ........ nasi uduk in the canteen.
    A. Making 
    B. Dancing 
    C. Preparing 
    D. Eating

16. 77 + 21 =
    A. Ninety six 
    B. Ninety seven 
    C. Ninety eight 
    D. Ninety nine

17. Bella and Sasha are ........ in the pool.
    A. Cleaning 
    B. Playing marbels 
    C. Swimming 
    D. Sleeping

18. Wulan and Rina are ....... “Tari Piring” in the classroom.
    A. Writing 
    B. Dancing 
    C. Having 
    D. Playing

19. Window in indonesia is .....
    A. Pintu 
    B. Lemari
    C. Jendela 
    D. Kursi

20. The month before april is .........
    A. March 
    B. January 
    C. December 
    D. June

21. How we read 2023 ?
    A. Two thousand twenty one 
    B. Two thousand twenty three 
    C. Two thousand twenty four
    D. Two thousand

The text below is for number 22 – 23

Mia has a brother his name is Julio. Both have
different hobbies. Julio likes hiking, but Mia likes
reading very much. Mia’s favorite is reading Novels.
She reads Noval in the afternoon.

22. Mia’s hobby is ......
    A. Dancing 
    B. Singing 
    C. Painting 
    D. Reading

23. Julio likes .....
    A. Playing marbels 
    B. Football 
    C. Hiking 
    D. Reading

24. We can do ...... in the sea.
    A. Jogging 
    B. Surfing 
    C. Dancing 
    D. Playing basketball

25. How we write nineteen ninety five ?
    A. 1992 
    B. 1995 
    C. 1993 
    D. 1997

26. Hari ini hari Senin. The English sentence is.......
    A. Today is Friday 
    B. Today is Monday 
    C. Today is Saturday 
    D. Today is Sunday

27. Besok adalah bulan Desember
    The English sentence is ........
    A. Tomorrow is December 
    B. Yesterday is December 
    C. Tomorrow will be December
    D. Yesterday will be December

28. Miss Amel : ...........
    Students : Good morning, Miss.
    A. How are you, students ? 
    B. Good morning, students 
    C. Nice to meet you
    D. Good morning, Mis

29. Aisyah needs ..... to write.
    A. Chair 
    B. Table 
    C. Pencil 
    D. Bag

30. I ...... a student.
    A. Am 
    B. is 
    C. Are 
    D. His

31. Saya memiliki tujuh buku diatas meja.
       In English......
    A. I have eight books on the chair 
    B. I have seven books on the table 
    C. I have seven books on the chair
    D. I have eight books on the table

32. Ani : Nice to meet you, Bela.
      Bela : ..........
    A. Good bye 
    B. I’m fine 
    C. I’m good 
    D. Nice to meet you too

33. I send my letters in .......
    A. Hospital 
    B. Post office 
    C. Market 
    D. School

34. This food is .......
    A. Jelly 
    B. Water 
    C. Cake 
    D. Ice cream

35. We have flag ceremony on ......
    A. Thursday 
    B. Sunday 
    C. Monday 
    D. Tuesday

36. Today is Wednesday, yesterday was .....
    A. Friday 
    B. Tuesday 
    C. Saturday 
    D. Thursday

37. Riska and Ria ...... playing doll in the terrace.
    A. Is 
    B. are 
    C. Am 
    D. was

38. Mr. Hendra is a doctor. ....... works in the hospital.
    A. She 
    B. You 
    C. We 
    D. He

39. My father is drinking coffee with .......
    A. Place 
    B. Bottle 
    C. Glass 
    D. plate

40. My brother is playing football in the ......
    A. Mall 
    B. Field 
    C. Swimming pool
    D. Kitchen

Good luck