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Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas 1 KURMER

Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas 4 KURMER

Choose the correct answer by crossing a, b, or c !

1. One, two, ......, four 
    A. Five
    B. three
    C. Six

2. The number before five is ......
    A. Four
    B. Seven
    C. Six 

3. The number after eight is .....
    A. Seven
    B. Nine
    C. Ten

4. My number is 1-4-7-9. You can read ......
    A. One – six – seven – nine
    B. One – four – seven – nine
    C. Two – three – six – seven 

5. Please look at this picture !
        The chair color is .......
    A. Green
    B. Blue
    C. Red 

6. The (papan tulis) .... is hanging on the wall. 
    A. Bag
    B. Table
    C. Board

7. Sharpener in Indonesian .....
    A. Penggaris
    B. Rautan
    C. Penghapus 

8. Please look at the picture !
        The book color is .....
    A. Brown
    B. Black
    C. White 

9. Eight, nine, ten ....
    A. Twelve
    B. Thirteen
    C.  Eleven 

10. Color of Indonesian flag is .....
    A. Black and blue
    B. Red and white
    C. Blue and white

11. It is number .....(20)
    A. Ten
    B. Fifteen
    C. Twenty

12. Eleven plus two is .....
    A. 11
    B. 12
    C. 13

13. What is color of your hair ?
    A. White
    B. Black
    C. Green
14. I need book. The underlined word means ......
    A. Buku
    B. Pensil
    C. Penggaris 

15. Dewi : what is this ?
        Dylan : it is ......
    A. a pencil
    B. a book
    C. a clock 

16. The students study in the ....
    A. Canteen
    B. Classroom
    C. Toilet

17. Saya mempunyai sebuah pensil.
        In English....
    A. I have a book
    B. I have a pencil
    C. I have a bag

18. The students sit on the .....
    A. Calendar
    B. Chair
    C. Blackboard

19. Selamat pagi dalam bahasa Inggris adalah ....
    A. Good morning
    B. Good night
    C. Good evening 

20. Rika : What is your name ?
       Adi : ...................
    A. My name is Ani
    B. My name is ira
    C. My name is Adi 

Good luck