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Soursop (Annona Muricata Linn) is a plant that has hight nutritional value, has a sweet and sour taste. Soursop is a species of plant that is easy to grow among other soursop species and require a warm and humid tropical climate. The name of soursop comes from the Dutch language, it is Zuurzak which means sour bag. Soursop was growing as a garden plant to take it’s fruit, but there are some gardeners try to plant it on a large scale, but many of them fail beucase the productivity of the fruit considered low. It is so indeed, all this time soursop is growing to take it’s fruit. People liked soursop fruit because it is sweet sour to be processed into juice or consumed fresh.

The public of Indonesia used soursop leaf as herb medicine to treat cancer disease, it’s manner by drinking fresh boiled water of soursop leaf can emerged some effects on the body, although boiled water of soursop leaf has long been used as a herb medicine for cancer disease. However, the form of tea has not been used by the public. Because of that,this is must to study about antioxidant analysis in soursop leaf of tea with the aim to exploring the potensial of soursop leaf as a functional drink that can be used. Among others as a herb medicine for cancer disease, Soursop leaf is proven to be effective in controlling cancer cells, even based research in various countries, soursop leaf has the ability to overcome cancer cell better than chemotherapy.

Therefore, a writer interested in discuss this issue deeply with the tittle ‘’The Benefit of Soursop Leaf for Human Body Health’’.
  1. What are the purposes of egg cultivation?
  2. How are methods to cultivate some kinds of egg?
  3. What are the benefits of egg for human?

A. The Aims of Writing

The aims of writing of this paper are as follows:
  1. To find out the purposes of egg cultivation
  2. To find out the methods to cultivate any kinds of egg
  3. To find out the benefits of egg for human

B. The Methods of Writing
  1. Reading some books in library.
  2. Finding out the information from internet and social mass.
  3. Taking some conclusions from explanation of topic about the benefit of egg for Health face.