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A. The Background of Problem

Indonesia is island state the two third of region country area the sea and ocean with thirteenth point six six seven (13,667) the big although small island, and it has also the length beach in the world. That is more or less 80,791,42 km. Beside that as much as able the natural wealth inside is unbelievable, especially the various of fauna, flora, material mine, and mineral.

Actuality, some fisherman just do harvest earning activity without development yield. But this, a small part begin expanding, like the cultivation of species of some fish lobster and seaweed. Fortunately move expending in Indonesia is cultivation of seaweed. Even some territory done in a bigger mannev. Example, in Jakarta gulf, event in province South Sulawesi, exactly in region coastal Takala area, Bulukumba, and maros. The cultivation of acreage seaweed move or less about 775 Ha large with one harvest more or less 170 ton produces.

B. The Formulations of Problem
  1. What is the seaweed ?
  2. How is the seaweed ?
  3. What is the benefit of seaweed and classification ?
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C. The Aims of Writing
  1. To know what is the seaweed
  2. To know how is to cultivate the seaweed
  3. To give the definition of benefit seaweed for human health
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D. The Methods of Writing
  1. The used in this writing is a literature study which to examine references related to cultivation and benefit of seaweed for human health
  2. Looking for the source of original knowledge such as Al-quran
  3. Collecting material from several reading such as books, articles and journals related to the topic
  4. Taking the summary on explanation of paper.